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Spice up your fields and forests with the Replica Tree Pack! This collection includes ten accurately-recreated species of tree -- including full-size and half-size  dimensions (see screenshots).

- Includes:

  •  Four 64x96px trees (half-size: 32x48px)
  • Two 64x128px trees (half-size: 32x64px)
  • Two 96x128px trees (half-size: 48x64px)
  • One 128x96px tree (half-size: 64x48px)
  • One 128x128px tree (half-size: 64x64px)

  • .PNG format; original .PSD files for modification.

Note: Screenshots have been blurred; the display quality of the examples shown are therefore not indicative of what is included in the pack. 

This pack is CC0 -- once bought it can be used commerically without credit needed to be given to the author.


ReplicaTreePack.zip 695 kB

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